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This page contains links to resources collected during the Fall 2010 Technology in Education class, which is a course designed to develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to critically analyze the role of technology in the learning setting and then make decisions about the appropriate adoption and use of technology.

Blog written by Central College's president. I used this to experiment with adding an RSS feed to a wiki page.

    Educational Blogs and Wikis

    Technology and Education Box of Tricks: - A-Z Resources for Education. Jose Picardo lists some of the best free internet resources for education in his blog. This is also a great source for using technology in modern language instruction.

    Teaching with Classroom Response Systems: - Derek Bruff of Vander Bilt University hosts a blog to connect people who are interested in teaching with clickers.

    Moving at the speed of creativity: - Wesley Fryer's blog on issues related to engaged learning, web 2.0 technologies, digital storytelling, educational leadership, literacy, blended learning, creativity, appropriate uses of educational technologies, digital citizenship, and educational transformation.

    Steve Hargadon coordinates a plethora of educational webinars in Elluminate. He also writes a blog about Web 2.0, educational social networking, free and open source software, and the future of education.

    Wikimedia Commons a database of freely usable media files

    Web 2.0 Guru: - Resources for educational technology integration

    A Pepperdine Learning Technologies team wiki:

    Example of using a wiki for campus collaboration: The Dickinson College Wiki

    Example of a pbworks wiki (pb = peanut butter): College Lists Wiki

    Choosing a wiki platform - lists helpful criteria and compares the characteristics of several common wiki platforms.

    Educational Websites

    Webinars hosted by Elluminate on a wide variety of topics:

    Educause: - a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology.

    Web 2.0 Tools


    Classroom 2.0:

    Things I want to check out later: - make animated videos in modern language classroom

    Free safe and secure social networking site for the classroom: